Have you ever noticed that your pool gets these tiny little annoying particles? Over time, these can make your pool cloudy. We know you want your pool to be perfectly clear the entire time you are using it. Sometimes, however, that just does not happen. One way to clear up those annoying little particles is to use a pool clarifier. Not sure what that is or how it works? Here is some information about pool clarifiers.

How Do You Use A Pool Clarifier?

Pool clarifiers make it easier for your pool filter to work. This happens because the clarifier makes the particles stick to each other or coagulate. Little, hard-to-filter particles become big particles. This makes it easier for your pool filter to pick them up and filter them out. Before you use a clarifier, however, make sure all your filters are on. You also need to turn on your main drain or turn your pool vacuum on. You should let it run on the bottom of your pool.

Some people ask if you can swim in a pool after adding clarifier. The answer is yes. If you swim in the pool after a clarifier is put in, it actually helps the water become clearer. That is because swimming helps keep the particles off the bottom of the pool.

How Long Does It Take for Pool Clarifier to Work?

While pool clarifiers can do a great job for you, they are not fast. In fact, it might take up to a week for the pool clarifier to work completely. This may seem like a long time. You can help your clarifier work more quickly by continuing to vacuum your pool. Also, continue to swim in it. The more you’re able to get particles to clump together and filter them out, the quicker your pool will clear.

What if you need to clear your pool quickly? If you need your pool filter to clear as quickly as possible, you will need to try something else. You may want to use a flocculant to get your pool clean. A flocculant works quickly to make sure that particles in the pool settle immediately to the bottom. Flocculants work more quickly, but they also require a lot of work on your part. Because the particles settle quickly to the bottom, you will have to vacuum up all the debris. It is a task that is time-consuming, but it will result in clearer pool water for you.

How Do You Know If There Is Too Much Clarifier in Pool?

One of the major problems with a pool clarifier is that a little bit goes a long way. Are you an impatient person? Did you think you could add more clarifier to your pool in order to speed things up? Don’t do that. Too much clarifier makes your pool cloudy and milky. And, if your pool is milky and cloudy, you may need to add more water to your pool.

If you do have to add water to your pool to get rid of the milky look, it is still safe to swim in it. In fact, the extra movement in the pool will help move the particles toward the filter system. Also, if your pool is milky because of the clarifier, make sure your filters are going full blast.

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