Looking for a Great Pool Landscape Design?

Designing a great landscape around a swimming pool can be quite a challenge. Many homeowners who are convinced they can do it on their own are finding it to be not as easy as they originally thought.  Hiring the right professional swimming pool landscape design company can be all it takes to end up with an amazing landscape around your pool. With the right tools, the right knowledge, and experience a professional pool builder with a team of landscape design experts will get it done right.

Pool Landscape Design Planning

Swimming pool landscape design takes careful planning. It is important to carefully look at all aspects of the area to be landscaped when designing the plan for the finished landscape. Mapping out each element of the proposed landscape, including both the existing elements and those that will be added will help the homeowner visualize the finished product.

Elements To Consider

There are a number of elements that should be considered when designing a landscape around a swimming pool. Among these elements are shrubs, bushes as well as perhaps a few trees. In addition, it is important to choose plants that will serve to enhance the swimming pool landscape. The flowers and plants you choose should also be suited to the environment, in order to keep maintenance, pest control, and disease control issues to a minimum.

When choosing flowers it is essential to choose the flowers that will bloom at the time of year when you are using the pool. Choosing a variety of annuals, perennials, and bulbs will help to ensure a season full of bright vibrant colors.

Those with children and pets will have another set of considerations when it comes to designing the perfect pool landscape. It is important, for instance, to choose pet-friendly and child-friendly varieties of plants, and to carefully avoid any varieties that could be toxic if ingested. It is also important to provide green grass for the kids and the pets to play on, and to avoid any landscape elements that could allow them to hurt themselves.

A swimming pool builder who has the expertise in pool landscape design as well will take all of these various factors into consideration,

Is it time to get started?

Contact Atlantic Pool & Spa and let us start creating your perfect landscape design around your new custom swimming pool. Our team will map the plan out in advance to ensure that your pool landscape will look just as wonderful as you imagined.