The Importance of Professional Pool Cleaning During the Summer

During the summer, the largest issues affecting swimming pools are rainfall, sun, and heat. It’s important to know the effects of these variables to establish a proper pool cleaning schedule.

Light rain has little impact on the pool’s chemical balance; however, heavy rainfall that can occur during summer storms can disrupt the chemistry of the pool. Rainwater is naturally acidic and reduces the pH levels. In a low-pH environment, chlorine and alkalinity are quickly consumed. Low chlorine promotes bacterial growth, and reduced alkalinity makes the water more corrosive and damaging to pool equipment and pool surfacing. Alkalinity and pH also affect calcium levels which can cause cloudy water or calcium buildups (scaling) at abnormal levels.

Sunlight causes breakdowns in free chlorine molecules due to UV radiation. Because of this process, a sunny summer day can significantly reduce the chlorine levels in just a few hours. Chlorine stabilizers are essential in slowing down the process and prolonging the chlorine levels. Additionally, certain bacteria strains thrive in the summer heat, and chlorine is used more quickly as it kills the bacteria.

You must identify and address disruptions in the chemical balance immediately. Improper chemical balance can turn the pool water green and require a ton of work to return the pool to stable levels. Even if the water appears to look normal, abnormal chemistry can cause eye burning and skin irritation while swimming. These problems can affect saltwater pools as well.

Optimal chemical levels are below:

  • pH range of 7.2-7.8
  • Alkalinity range of 80-120 ppm
  • Chlorine at least 1ppm
  • Calcium 100-400 ppm

You should test your swimming pool’s chemical balance daily, and more frequently in the cases of frequent swimming and heavy rains. It can be difficult to restore the correct chemical balance to a pool once it has been disrupted. Debris must be removed, algae growth should be scrubbed and vacuumed away, and a proper chemical balance must be restored to the pool. Having a professional pool cleaning service perform regular, weekly maintenance and clean up after heavy rainfall will prevent surprises that lead to difficult remedial work.

Let the professionals maintain your pool and equipment while you relax and enjoy. Having a regular maintenance program will help keep your pool clean and at optimal balance, without putting the stress and hard work on you.

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