Low-Maintenance Inground Pools & Options

Once you have decided to have a pool in your yard, you likely know there are many factors to consider. Keeping the pool functioning its best and looking beautiful are priorities. Ideally, you should select a pool that looks great and is low-maintenance. Here are some practical suggestions for low-maintenance inground pools that will make with your exterior décor and design amazing.

What Is the Lowest Maintenance Pool?

Shopping for a low maintenance backyard pool usually means you will be looking at some fiberglass pool options. Fiberglass is the easiest pool to maintain for many families for a number of reasons. There are pros and cons that are associated with all types of swimming pools. However, fiberglass will likely be the best choice for your family if you want a pool that you do not have to maintain consistently. Fiberglass pool installation can be completed in as little as three days in many cases. However, the process can take up for five days for some pools. This means you will not have a construction crew at your home for months before the pool installation process is complete.

Fiberglass swimming pools are resistant to algae, which is why it is appealing to individuals and families who do not want the hassle of constant cleaning.

It does not take as much cleaning to keep a fiberglass pool looking its best as well, which also makes it a popular choice. Since fiberglass is non-porous and smooth, dirt, toxins, and algae cannot latch onto the pool easily.

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Pools

Once you have decided on the right fiberglass pool for your property, you will likely want to make changes to your landscape. The right outdoor plant arrangements, outdoor kitchens, and design features in the yard can make the pool even more inviting and attractive. While a beautiful pool can easily be the main feature of your yard, there are some ways to make the entire yard more appealing.

One practical and low-maintenance yard tip to coordinate with your pool is to keep the yard clean. Make sure that the shrubs and garden beds around the pool are trimmed regularly. Low-lowing plants that can border the pool or be planted around the pool are great for landscaping as well. Creeping sedum, as well as moss and lemon thyme also adds an effortless yet sophisticated look. Weed your lawn and all potted plants on your property as well and remove dried leaves, debris, and dead plants as soon as possible. A plant border around the pool is also ideal for a low maintenance pool. The plants frame the pool nicely, and there are several shrubs that are just as easy to maintain as the fiberglass pool.

You can also create a path that leads to the pool with paving stones. Recycled materials can be used for the path, which makes installation more affordable and environmentally friendly. Since paving stones are flat and cover lots of space, you can walk safely on them with bare feet. Working with a contractor to arrange the stones in a variety of geometric pattern will make the pool space unique as well. Adding ground cover between the paving stones can also make the low-maintenance pool space look extremely elegant. Search for perennial plants like irises or hostas to adorn the pool area so you will not have to replant the flowers every year.

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