Installing and Replacing a Pool Vinyl Liner, What You Need to Know

Getting a new liner for your pool can totally revive your poolscape. The liner can make a world of difference to your pool. With various colors and designs on the market today your sense of style can be matched. New liners can also provide better functionality and safety of your pool. However, there are some precautions you should take to ensure that you are satisfied with the project. At Atlantic Pool & Spa, we are committed to helping you find the right liner for your pool based on your pool’s structure, your style, and your family’s needs.

How to Know If it is Time for a New Pool Vinyl Liner

Take a good look at your pool. Have you been losing water? Is the original bright color faded? Does it just look worn out and drab? These are a few reasons that it may be time to replace your pool liner.

If you have had your pool for more than about eight years, check the liner to make sure it is still intact. Over time, the chemicals in the water can wear on the lining and cause it to fade or become less attractive. Many vinyl liners will likely still look great after this time period. However, it is recommended to replace the pool liner every decade. However, in some areas of New Jersey, you can wait until the 12-year mark to a get new vinyl liner. This is largely because there are parts of the year when the sun is not as bright and will not damage the liner by shining directly on it.

Are you just looking for a new look? A pool vinyl liner replacement can be a great option. Changing the overall color of the pool liner can significantly change the look of the pool. Darker hues can even make the pool look deeper and provide a more dramatic effect.

Starting the Project

After you have decided that you want to replace the pool liner and select the new material you want, your pool will be measured. Once we get the right measurements, we will order the pool liner for you and prepare your pool for installation.

The pool needs to be drained before the new lining is installed. This is usually the last step before the old liner is removed and the new liner is attached. It is usually easier to get the pool’s measurements while the water is inside. However, if the pool has a nontraditional shape or there is an abundance of algae, it may be best to drain the pool before measuring. If you know the model and the brand of your pool, let your contractor know. This can help with the sizing and measurements.

In many cases, contractors will make the liner size different when installing at different times of the year. A fuller pool vinyl liner is made when the project is done in the fall, winter or early spring. The sun’s intensity and the changing temperatures during various times of the year effects how well your liner fits. When the liner gets a lot of sunlight, it will become more pliable. This means that liner installation is different on a day with full sunlight than on a day that is overcast.

How Atlantic Pool & Spa Can Help

Contact Atlantic Pool & Spa, servicing the counties of Morris, Bergen, Sussex, and Warren, for your pool liner installation and replacement needs. We will let you know which liners are best for your pool and discuss the benefits of pool liners with you. We are fully licensed and authorized to work in the state of New Jersey. Atlantic Pool & Spa offers all the information you need to ensure that you are getting the perfect liner for your pool. Visit our website, give us a call or use our contact form to set up your consultation.