You Have Been Given the Gift of Pool Ownership, Now Let Us Help You Enjoy It

Having a swimming pool in a backyard provides a tremendous boost to one’s quality of life. A refreshing dip is available when needed most as well as increasing fitness and relaxation time. Let us not forget it is also an excellent investment that can add value to your home.

With all of these fabulous assets, a swimming pool brings, we cannot forget it does need careful attention. To enjoy its full potential, it must be kept in top-notch condition. As many homeowners do choose to maintain their pool on their own, they soon learn that it takes time and work. Hiring a professional maintenance company may seem costly in the beginning; however, balancing the time one wastes cleaning vs. enjoying, the cost is well worth it.

Caring for your pool correctly is critical. Below we list of few essential aspects of caring for a pool.

Cleaning Agents and Pool Chemicals

Professionals know the precise amount of cleaning agents as well as what type of chemicals are best for each pool depending on the size and homeowners own situation. Using chemicals that are too weak or using too little can make cleaning efforts ineffective, which can lead to long-term contamination and staining. Adversely, if one uses too much, damage can be done to the pools’ surface while putting swimmers health at risk as well.

Water Balance

A critical aspect of pool care is the balancing of the water. It is essential that the perfect balance of calcium, chlorine, ph, alkalinity, and hardness be maintained to keep the pool sanitary and safe.

When water balance is off the water quality can take a spiral turn downward, which can cause risk to swimmers along with the pools fixtures and structure. Here are six water balancing problems that a homeowner may face if the water is not balanced correctly.


– Too little chlorine leads to algae growth.

– Insufficient chlorine causes a rise in alkalinity, which causes cloudy water.

– Adding too much chlorine leads to skin and eye irritation. Asthma and other breathing problems can be provoked.

– Excessive chlorine raises the acidity of the water. Over time the pipes, equipment and pools structure can corrode.


– Low calcium is not always easy to detect. The effects of too little calcium will not have a noticeable impact immediately. The water may feel slimy, and the chlorine can become ineffective. Over a more extended period, the lining of the pool will stain and scar while the pool fixtures and structure will deteriorate.

– High calcium levels start with cloudy water and lead to gritty scales on the pool walls, in the pipes and filters. The systems will clog, which reduces the water flow and efficiency of the filter. Prolonged high levels can cause the total system to fail.

Letting any of these issues get out of control can become quite costly. Substantial chemical treatment with a deep clean, replacement of the water and even pool equipment may be necessary.

Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are trending hot and are known to need less maintenance. While this has some truth, it is still vital to monitor the pool’s health accurately and take the necessary action when required. As the water balance is crucial in chlorine pools, it is also critical in salt water pools. There is just a different method of maintaining it. The saltwater chlorinator needs to be operating at its best at all times to avoid costly issues and repairs.

Maintaining Fixtures and Equipment

As well as maintaining the cleaning, chemicals, and water balancing the pools hardware must be checked. This is where it is of utmost importance to hire a pool professional maintenance company. They have an expert eye when checking your pools hardware, filters, pumps, pipes, and more. They will make sure all fixtures and equipment are in good working condition and will know if there are signs of a problem. Problems will be fixed before they cause damage and become costly.

Pools Structural Integrity

A homeowner may not notice a structural issue, whereas a weekly or monthly pool professional will see it. A small crack and flake may seem minor and may need remedial work, which can be relatively quick and easy. Letting it go can increase the damage causing an additional out of the pocket expense.

Professionals Expert Advice

Lastly, when in doubt, it is always best to get advice from an expert. Discussing the existing poolscape, upgrades to the pool, fixtures, and equipment is always recommended. Pool ownership is just like owning a car.

After reading this article, it may seem like WOW owning a pool is a huge upkeep. Yes, there is upkeep, but the enjoyment can be so much more. Have you been given the gift of pool ownership? If you have and want to enjoy your pool, contact Atlantic Pool & Spa to help you keep your pool at its best. Let us help you enjoy your pool now and for years to come.