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Causes of Green Algae in Swimming Pools

In the movies, pool water always looks so beautiful, doesn’t it? A beautiful clear sparkling blue. The sun shimmers and sparkles in the water because it’s so clear. However, in reality, your pool probably doesn’t look that great all the time. There are times when your...

What Does a Pool Clarifier Do?

Have you ever noticed that your pool gets these tiny little annoying particles? Over time, these can make your pool cloudy. We know you want your pool to be perfectly clear the entire time you are using it. Sometimes, however, that just does not happen. One way to...

Why Can’t I Get My Pool Water Clear?

One of the most common questions we get during this time of year is: Why is my pool still cloudy? Why can’t I get my pool water clear? When you are a pool owner, you want your pool to be ready at any time for swimmers. You want your water to be clean and clear and...

The Dog Blog: 6 Tips, Teaching Your Dog to Swim

It is essential to teach your dog to swim, as not all dog breeds are natural swimmers. Some breeds, such as spaniels, setters, and retrievers, will take to the water straight away, while other breeds, such as bulldogs and pugs, may experience breathing problems in the...

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