Pool Floats and Lounges Favorite Picks For 2018

It is that time of year again when everyone wants to be out of work and in a pool somewhere. But, let’s face it, swimming all day gets a little boring. With that in mind, you need to look for a pool float or a lounger to spend those long summer days on. Here is a selection of pool floats and lounges for you to browse through. See if you can picture yourself in one of these from now until the last second of Labor Day.

Best Pool Floats For Adults in 2018

Several great pool floats are available for adults. Intex makes numerous floats, but one that remains popular is the Intex Floating Recliner. It is one of the most durable pool floats. It is made of 18-gauge vinyl and has two cup holders for your beverages. One of the drawbacks is it does not allow you to sunbathe. The company also makes one of the best pool floats for tanning: the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge. The Canopy Inflatable Lounge is a 2018 pool float that has room for more than one adult to tan, and it also has a canopy for sun protection if you want to lounge, but not tan. A different lounger with a more durable seat is the Swimways Newporter Elite. The Elite has a cupholder, as well as an extra-large pillow and footrest. Intex makes some of the best quality pool floats with regard to durability, including the Sit and Float Inflatable Tube. Swimline’s Floating Lounge Chair is made from nylon rather than vinyl, which gives you more durability.

In addition to the usually shaped pool floats, there are some whimsical or unusually shaped pool floats and loungers that are in vogue this season. First, there are animal pool floats. You can find floats in any color, shape or variety of animal. For example, you can find an animal float that looks like a flamingo, swan, or giraffe. Animal floats are not the only fun floats out there, however. You can find floats in other fun shapes, as well. Swimline offers a 5-foot by 6-foot pizza slice that you can group together to form a whole pizza, which can hold eight adults. Doughnuts are available, as well. In addition, there are hamburgers, popsicles, hot dogs, and other food items that are available as floats. The popsicle float would be an especially good float to use while tanning.

Luxury 2018 Pool Floats

Let’s say you want to spend some serious bucks to get the top-of-the-line swimming floats and loungers for your summer season this year. Some of the most luxurious pool floats on the market are the floating cabanas, which allow you to relax in comfort and get a tan if you want one. But, they also can provide shade. Floaters that attach to the cabana allow you to carry food and water. Larger luxury floats allow you to float in a basket with a roof of fabric over your head. The roof can be removed to give you sun. If your pool is large, you may have room for a 20-foot by 15-foot float with a cabana roof and a special spot for your food and drink, so you could float all day.

Your local pool store or pool supplies store, Atlantic Pool & Spa servicing customers in the Bergen, Warren, Sussex and Morris County, New Jersey area should be able to help you find the exact pool floats and lounges you need for your pool, whether you need pool floats and lounges for yourself or someone else. Be sure to visit Atlantic Pool & Spa soon. Or before you know it, Labor Day Weekend will be here and that could spell the end of your pool fun until next summer rolls around.