Mind-Blowing Pool Enhancements and Transformations

If you’ve had your pool for a while and want to make some improvements, chances are you’ve been looking at a few pool enhancements for inspiration. You may also be considering swimming pool remodeling ideas if you have small children in your home and want to make the pool safer for them, or if your children are getting older and you feel comfortable going for a more elegant pool design.

Of course, the price is often a factor to consider when you’re preparing to make these upgrades, in addition to being creatively inspired. If you need to make some backyard transformations on a budget, or if the sky’s the limit, these ideas may prove helpful.

Adding Lighting

Lights are among the simplest pool makeover ideas, but they can make a huge difference in the way the pool space looks, especially at night. It can be especially appealing to add blue or green-tinged accent lights that coordinate with the pool surface or compliment the color of the water. Plus, the lights can make it easier to see when you want to take a swim during the evening hours. You can also add more lighting around the seating area of the pool, which definitely comes in handy when you want to enjoy a good book by the pool or keep an eye out for your children while they’re swimming.

Creating Two Pools From One

Other inground pool renovation ideas include separating a large pool into two smaller pools. This is a great idea if you want to use the pool area for both a Jacuzzi and a regular pool, or if you want to make the pools different sizes and use the smaller pools for the kids to swim in. You can create definite borders so that the two pools are truly separated from each other. Also, you may want to create a waterfall or a short staircase in between the pools so that you can easily swim from shallow to deep water.

Rock Walls

Faux rock walls are a great way to add texture to the pool area. You can also work with a contractor to get a wall that has steps on it that people can climb or dive off of, or you can choose a faux rock wall that can be used as a waterfall. You can even add benches on the side of the pool that is the same color or material as the wall to make the pool area appear more coordinated. To add a great finishing touch, add faux palm trees on the sides of the pool. You can also work with your landscaping team to have real palm trees planted around the pool area in large vases enabling you to bring them into the home during the winter months.


Enhance your pool with a spa-like water feature known as a cascade. You can add the amazing touch of a new site and sound with a small decorative fall or a wide shimmering waterfall. They are a beautiful and sophisticated addition to any pool and are quickly gaining in popularity.

Separate Pool Area

A full or partial fence around the pool can section it off from the rest of the yard and it can make the pool area more inviting. If you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors or if you plan on entertaining in the pool area, a decorative wall or a pavilion near the pool could definitely come in handy to shield your guests from the sun. The wall or fence also adds texture and makes your pool space one of a kind.

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