Let’s Help You Decide: Gunite, Vinyl, or Fiberglass Pool?


What type of pool is best?

This is a question with many answers depending on what exactly you are looking for in a pool and how you plan on using your pool (for example, a big family should choose differently from empty nesters). This guide will help you choose what is best for your backyard.

  • Gunite pool – Gunite pools are incredibly durable and can be made into any shape. They are fashioned with a rebar frame which is then coated with a concrete and sand mixture. Gunite is preferable to traditional concrete pools due to the fact that is can hold its own shape without the use of a wood frame. In addition to the durability of gunite, owners can choose whatever finish they want for their pool. Gunite pools make it easy to add high end touches like custom mosaic art or a pebbled pool floor.
  • Vinyl pools – Inground vinyl pools have been popular for the longest time due to the cheaper upfront cost associated with it. Vinyl pools are durable in the sense that, due to their flexibility, they will not crack like a concrete pool. The vinyl liner is placed against the pool structure that is reinforced in a variety of ways, so the sides don’t bend under the weight of the water.
  • Fiberglass pool – These pools can be crafted into any shape you want, they are a one-piece installed kit that is created by threading glass thread with fabric and then covering it with a glossy weatherproof gel. These pools are simply placed in the ground and sealed. Just like vinyl pools, the surface of fiberglass is smooth which discourages algae growth. They also never require resurfacing or liner replacement.

Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass Pools vs Vinyl Liner Pools


Pros of Fiberglass Pools

  • Easy to clean and maintain with smooth sides.
  • Smooth and nonporous means fewer issues with algae.
  • Super quick install.

Cons of Fiberglass Pools

  • Custom fiberglass shells are costly and rare.
  • Poorly made fiberglass pools can have issues with bubbling but can be buffed out

Pros of Gunite Pools

  • Extremely customizable from the type of finish, style, size, and shape.
  • Water features can be expertly crafted to look natural with gunite.

Cons of Gunite Pools

  • Expensive repairs.
  • High maintenance comparatively.
  • Gunite is not as smooth as vinyl and fiberglass
  • Longer installation

Pros of Vinyl Liner Pools

  • Cheapest upfront cost.
  • Smooth sides discourage algae growth
  • Flexible, no cracks
  • Maintenance isn’t as much as gunite, but more than fiberglass.

Cons of Vinyl Liner Pools

  • Replacing liners every 10 years comes with a cost
  • Some new home buyers may want liners older than 4 years replaced
  • Can be punctured resulting in a leak

Deciding what is best for your family and home is important, and we at Atlantic Pools & Spas would love to help you decide on the perfect pool for your lifestyle. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, then the gunite pools are going to give you that customized, striking aesthetic you are looking for. Fiberglass pools are great for families with their nonabrasive and smooth sides that are hard to crack or puncture. Or, if you’re looking for something that’s easier to manage and cheaper in the here and now, a vinyl pool will give you that relaxation without the big price tag.

If you’re ready to design your perfect backyard paradise, contact Atlantic Pools & Spas and let us help you decide on Gunite, Vinyl, or Fiberglass Pool?

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