It’s Time to Get into The Swim. Pool Opening Tips

It’s hot. Time to get into the swim of things, so to speak, and open your swimming pool. It may seem overwhelming, but a few simple steps and you and your family will be basking in the sun poolside in no time.


Pool Opening Tips

Removing your pool cover will be the first step. Be sure to visually inspect the cover and remove any debris/leaves/dirt that may have accumulated over the winter. Then, put the cover in a storage shed or somewhere where it will be protected from the elements until you are ready to use it again.

Plugs are next. You’ll want to look around the entire pool and remove all plugs, including those attached to the return jet and skimmer bucket. If your skimmer is the type that has an ice compensator, take it off, too. Once done, return the baskets and, using the correct eyeball-type fittings, connect them to the return line. It is important to keep the filter off until you remove the skimmer plate if you have one. (These are the little plates that cover the skimmer to make sure water and ice do not get in it in the cold winter months).

Opening a swimming pool requires you fill it with water. You could use a pool opening service or hire a water truck to come and fill your pool. But, this task can just as easily be accomplished with a garden hose. Start filling your pool with the hose and make sure the water remains about halfway up your skimmer. You’re almost there! You will be diving into the deep end in no time. You’ve reached the point of installing the equipment for your deck, so get out your diving board and rails and install them. Check and make sure all the pieces of your filtration system, such as gauges and plugs, are in good condition and, if not, replace them.


Pool Opening Chemicals

What chemicals are needed to open a swimming pool? You are going to have to test the water and shock the pool when you first open it. Shocking means you will add a large amount of chlorine to your pool to give the water a sanitation boost at the outset and eliminate algae and bacteria that may have built up over the winter. Some pros say you should shock your pool twice before swimming in it at the beginning of pool season.

You can buy pool shock at your local pool supply store. Directions are usually printed on the package and call for the use of 2 pounds of pool shock to every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Liquid shock is slightly different and usually calls for the use of 5 pounds of pool shock to every 5,000 gallons of pool water.

Keep checking the water/chlorine balance over the next couple of days until you get a stable reading. Continuously run your pump until the water runs clear, which takes about three days. Make sure to backwash your filtration system a few times, too


Pool Opening Services Near Me

If you prefer, a professional pool service company can open your pool for you, Atlantic Pools and Spas provides pool service to Morris County NJ, as well as Bergen, Sussex & Warren Counties. We will get your pool up and running so you can just relax and go swimming! Just remember to test your water balance regularly and, if needed, replace the chlorine. Hot weather and unwanted organisms that need to be cleared out can affect chlorine levels, so soon after the pool is open, you might need to replenish chlorine more often than is typical. Stay tuned for more useful pool opening tips for pool owners.

Atlantic Pools and Spas offers full maintenance pool service.  Because of the rain, humidity, sun and more causing chlorine levels to constantly change it is recommended to have a professional maintain your pool.  You will be assured your pool stays crystal clear and healthy.  For more information on pool opening tips and pool service contact Atlantic Pools and Spas today.