Experience the Benefits of a Hot Tub at Home

If you’ve been considering getting a hot tub for your property, there are several benefits you’ll experience. A hot tub can help to improve your health and promote relaxation. It is likely that your friends and family will want to enjoy it too. Here are some of the perks you can look forward to.

Hot Tub Benefits for Weight Loss

Spending time in the hot tub, combined with an effective weight loss program can aid in weight loss. Soaking in the hot tub helps to keep your body and mind alert. Spa therapy can promote sleep and make it easier for the body to renew itself. Getting into the hot tub after a workout can reduce soreness, which will increase your ability to exercise consistently. If you’re suffering from health conditions that may prohibit you from working out regularly, the spa can be helpful. This is especially true for medical conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

Hot Tubs and Hydrotherapy

Hot tubs provide hydrotherapy, which can help to support additional healthy habits. Hydrotherapy is the process of letting the temperature and pressure of the water soothe the muscles and joints. This can improve your overall quality of life, including weight loss. According to scientific evidence, spending time in the hot tub will renew your body after an athletic performance. You’ll also feel better overall after soaking in the spa. When you feel more energized, you’re more likely to work out regularly and have a balanced diet. If you have sleep issues like insomnia, the hot tub can help relax the body and promote consistent rest. The hot tub can also help manage ailments like poor circulation, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoporosis.

Hot Tub Exercises

It’s very relaxing to sit back and enjoy the warm water while you’re in the hot tub. There are health benefits to this, but you can also work out in the hot tub. The exercises you do in the tub allow you to improve your range of motion and flexibility. Here is an example: you can sit with your shoulder under the water. Grab your right knee with your opposing hand as you twist to the right. Switch sides and hold on to the edges of the tub for a more intense stretch. This exercise helps to loosen the muscles in your torso. You can also stretch your hamstrings by using both hands to grab one of your feet underwater. Point and flex your foot without locking your knee. Do this exercise on both sides of your body to stretch your hamstrings.

Getting a Hot Tub for Home Use

When you’re getting a hot tub for home, you’ll have to consider how large the tub can be. A professional contractor will help you with this. Your yard must be measured and evaluated to determine which areas are hilly or flat. You can also talk with your contractor about how close you want the tub to your home. You may decide to have the hot tub positioned near your in-ground pool. Of course, customizing the spa to match your design or color preferences is important as well. When you work with a quality retailer, you can easily find a hot tub that is the exact color and style you want.

Deciding on the Right Hot Tub

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and have several attractive features. The pool builder and spa professionals at Atlantic Pool and Spa can assist you in narrowing down your choices. To view the hot tub selection browse our website and to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable representative, contact Atlantic Pool & Spa. We are located in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.