It’s That Time Of The Year – Pool Opening Service to Bergen, Warren, Sussex & Morris County

Now that spring season is here you may need pool opening services. Opening services include removing the pool cover, storing the lid properly and adding chemicals to the pool water to make it safe for swimming. If you live in the Morris County area as well as Bergen, Warren & Sussex County, Atlantic Pool and Spa can provide you with the pool service you need to prepare your swimming area for the spring and summer.

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining the function and look of your pool is critical. Swimming pools need a balance of chemicals to keep the water clean and safe. If bacteria or algae collect in the pool due to a lack of chlorine or other sanitizers, this could affect the structure of the pool. Of course, these toxins also harm human health.

Pool maintenance entails several steps, including ensuring that the filter is clean. It’s best to clean the filter net about once a week. You should also check the pipes connected to the filter every month. Your pool maintenance professional can do a thorough inspection of the filter and clean it to ensure that no bacteria, fallen leaves, or debris end up in your pool.

Pool skimming is another essential part of maintenance. Use a skimming net to get small insects, leaves, and branches out of the pool. If plant materials are left in the pool for too long, they could cause bacteria growth.

Be sure to scrub the pool often as well. Cleaning the sides and base of the pool keeps algae from building up on the pool materials. Bacteria and algae can quickly get into the water if the pool is not cleaned regularly and these toxins can cause viruses and other illnesses.

We test the pool for calcium hardness as well. If there is too much calcium in the water, the pH of the water will change. Calcium also collects on the stone and metal parts of the pool and can be dangerous and unsightly.

Pool Service and Repair

Pool cleaning is a significant part of pool service. You may also need pool repairs now and then. We have the proper tools and chemicals to balance the pH levels in your pool. If you need replacements for the pool border or accessories like the stair railing or diving board, Atlantic Pool and Spa is here to help. Don’t forget to talk to our specialists about the chlorine supplements that are best for the type of pool you have. You may also need to add pool salts or bromine to your pool to keep the water from turning colors or attracting bacteria. If your pool needs to be drained fully or partially so that you can add the right amount of chemicals to the water, Atlantic Pool and Spa can help you through every part of the process.

We can test the pool water for you as well. After the testing, we’ll tell you if you have too much or too little of certain chemicals in the pool water. While you can purchase pool testing kits yourself to help you maintain the chemical balance of the water, we have more advanced testing to give you more specific details about the substances that are necessary to keep your pool water healthy.

Let’s Get Started

Atlantic Pool and Spa are one of the best pool companies in NJ, and we’re happy to help you keep your pool in excellent condition all year long. When you need pool maintenance services or aren’t sure which chemicals are best for your pool, use our easy contact form to get in touch with us and let us know your needs and concerns. We look forward to becoming your pool maintenance resource.

Feel free to stop by our store located on Rt. 15 S., in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Our pool opening team provides professional pool openings for Morris County as well as Bergen, Warren and Sussex. Looking forward to providing superior pool opening service for you.