Outdoor fences not only decorate your home’s landscape but also provide privacy, comfort, and security especially if you have a swimming pool. Why not take it one step further and illuminate those areas to enhance visibility and nighttime relaxation by adding fence lighting? Imagine sitting on the back porch or around the pool in the evening as the sun sets while you enjoy the view of beautiful colors or illuminated accents spread across your fence line. There are so many ways to decorate with lighting. Let your imagination take over and reap the rewards of a beautifully enhanced backyard fence that is safer, attractive, and improved.

Solar vs. Electric Outdoor Lighting

Solar lights are simple and easy to install, especially since they have no wires to deal with. However, their duration of light output is based on the current charge and the condition of the batteries. Generally speaking, most solar lights only last up to 6 hours, based on getting enough sun during the day to charge them. You may find that you only get a couple of hours out of them each night depending on the quality of the light and the location they are placed. You will find some manufacturers that claim up to 10-12 hours of performance, but that is the maximum potential the light offers. It is not realistic in most situations and applications.

With that in mind, lighting performance can be different from one light to the next. Slight variations in construction from the manufacturer can also alter the results. Of course, the batteries can vary too based on their internal composition from the factory. The last important thing to note is that performance also depends on the number of batteries the light requires, as well as the lumens (similar to wattage) it delivers.

Electric lights require a power source, such as a distribution center or power stakes to plug the cords into. Additionally, the underground wiring is the best option and requires little maintenance over time, but it does require a lot of work to install. Underground wiring is definitely the safer option. In any case, electric outdoor lighting provides consistent illumination for any amount of time, and each light usually delivers the same lumens to provide an even lighting scheme in your backyard.

Types of Fence Lighting

Accenting your fence with outdoor lights depends on what you would like to do. There are many options, such as color emittance, power type (solar or electric), directions of illumination (spot, flood, 360-degrees) and more. You can easily combine more than one to create a unique look, mix colors or go for that clear appearance that many homes include.

Solar/Electric Spotlights and Floodlights

Add some flair with spotlights that install in the ground and shine upon the fence panels. You can get creative with colors or make it clear to provide a more neutral look. Why not alter their positions to have one higher on a panel and one lower on the next? Your entire fence line will look dazzling, and that will also “highlight” your artistic abilities. You can even overlap the spotlights to form a new appearance on the fence. Aside from spotlight options, you can use floodlights to deliver a broader spread of light.

Post Top Lights and Deck Accent Lights

Post top lighting is another option you can explore. However, this option is only available in solar unless you run cords up the post and use a different type of light. In addition, solar deck accent lights are typically used for deck edges, railing, or stairs and can also make great fence decor for nighttime beauty. A cup light is designed with a half-dome structure that projects light out of the open half in the direction you desire. Right-angled accent lights mount on the top edges of the fence post or panel to project light downwards and have the solar panel on the top half. Another common type of accent light mounts/screws directly on a vertical surface and shines light downward or outward. They are available in many designs and appearances, but bring a home-comforting look to your backyard.

Cup lights and right-angled accent lights are small so they do not look bulky on a fence. Vertically mounted lights are more noticeable but don’t really affect the fence’s appearance during the day. All three options are solar, but other similar lights can work as an alternative. You will just have to accept the visibility of wires unless you find a way to conceal them safely.

Hanging Solar Lights

Aside from spotlights, floodlights, post tops, and cup lights; there are other types of solar and electric lighting based on design. Hanging solar lights are one prime example. You can find them in various styles, such as circular, square, and oval. The windows on these lights usually vary in design too. The lighting disbursement is typically 360 degrees so it will not only light up your fence, but also the yard. It is a great way to accent your fence’s landscaping too if you have mulch and/or flowers. Hanging solar lamps typically offer the same purposes but have different looks to explore. One good advantage here is that you can move them if desired.

Rope Lights

Rope lights are a very popular way to decorate outdoor landscapes and are perfect for fence lighting. They are commonly used on porches, railings, and even ceilings. They can be installed on your fence to bring new life to your outdoor space. “Hook them up” anywhere you desire, such as across the panels in a straight fashion or as a drip design. You can even wrap them around end posts if there is a gap between the posts and the fence.

Rope lighting also provides appeal through wavy effects, circular patterns, or even zig-zag designs. With that in mind, clear lights will deliver an even appearance while colored rope lights will add attractive appeal. For the colored options, you can find them in multi-color and single-color selections. Why not “draw” up your fence design with various rope lights in various colors? Some homeowners have created flags, stars, and other innovative works of art using several rope light colors. You can too!

Overall, fence lighting creates beautiful, appealing works of art that can suit any backyard. You don’t necessarily need a fence to enhance your landscape, but a fence is a panel of creativity you can take advantage of and make your neighbors jealous.

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