Fiberglass Pool Cleaning & Stain Removal

Now that your fiberglass pool is successfully installed, you will need to know how to keep the pool clean. Fiberglass is generally easy to maintain, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the pool safely for years to come. However, there are some specific things you should know about keeping the pool clean and removing stains. These helpful tips will keep your fiberglass pool looking like new.

How to Clean a Fiberglass Waterline

Cleaning a fiberglass pool along the waterline essentially means getting rid of the ring around the pool. The ring is formed due to metals that naturally occur in the water, combined with body oils and sun protection products that have been exposed to the water.

You can get rid of this ring by adjusting the setting on your pool filter to make it work faster than normal. Once you have run the filter and the water becomes clearer, you can add more chlorine. This cleans debris from the water and sanitizes it. Be sure the filtration setting remains at 7.2 so that the water is safe to swim in, even during the cleaning process.

Some swimming pool suppliers provide commercial products that can be used for thorough cleaning. Ceramic tile or vinyl cleaner that is not too abrasive can effectively remove stains from fiberglass pools, especially if the pool has minor stains and is cleaned regularly, these cleaners can work well. Oxalic acid also helps to remove fiberglass pool stains. However, the substance can make the pool water cloudy for a few days. Swimming pool suppliers also have many industrial products that can be used to clean the pool. Atlantic Pool and Spa have a number of products and methods that will keep your fiberglass pool looking its best.

How to Clean an Empty Fiberglass Pool

There are several “eraser” products on the market that you can use to clean a ring around a fiberglass pool. Of course, it is easier to use this product when there is no water in the pool. You may also find that cleaning the pool sides and the bottom is easier when the pool is empty. However, fiberglass pools do not need to be drained often. In fact, it is recommended that you do not drain your pool once it is filled. If your area has recently experienced a flood and there is lots of debris at the base of the pool, the fiberglass pool should be drained. However, it is important that the pool is drained safely, and it is best to leave this process to the professionals.

Cleansers that are designed for fiberglass pools are best for cleaning. However, if these are not strong enough, Atlantic Pool and Spa have several cleaning solutions to get the job done.

How to Remove Rust Stains From Fiberglass Pools

Scrubbing rust stains with a chlorine tablet can often remove the stain effectively. This is particularly true for brown stains in and around the pool, which is an indication of an iron buildup. If the stain is turquoise, copper causes it, and a tile cleaner will likely get rid of the stain.

Can You Acid Wash a Fiberglass Pool?

The fiberglass pools can be acid-washed. However, this process should involve ascorbic acid to be done safely. You can use ascorbic acid without draining the pool. However, check the alkalinity and pH of the water before getting back into the pool, since the acid will significantly change the pH and alkalinity of your pool water, both during and after the cleaning process.

Treating White Buildup and Yellow Stains

Fiberglass pool white buildup is likely the result of calcium deposits. You can get rid of this by scrubbing a pumice stone on the surface(s) around the pool. Calcium scaling treatments are also available to remove white buildup. If you see a yellow stain on fiberglass pool surfaces, this could be because of pollen from certain plants around the pool. The yellow stains could also be mustard algae or metal. If you scrub the stain with a pumice stone and it does not come off, it could be metal. To remove metal stains, rub a vitamin C tablet over the stain.

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