If you have a tiny backyard, you may think that your backyard pool dreams are just fantasies. You figure out that a beautiful pool is only going to happen when you win the lottery and buy a bigger house. However, just because your backyard is small doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool.

If you have been dreaming of lounging in your backyard and swimming, we have great news for you. We can design a pool to fit any size yard, even a small one. Let us give you more information about small pools.

Small Pool Ideas

If you do have a small backyard, you are in luck. Pool design has been changing in the last few years. In the past, pool builders made pools that were rectangular and measured in a specific way. Pool builders were all about one-size-fits-all pools. Now pool builders are as creative as pool buyers want them to be. Pools can be circular. They can be square. They can be long and narrow lap pools. Pools can be free-form, which is the most popular style right now. Free-form pools take the shape that best fits into the backyard. They are more natural-looking than the traditional pool shape. Many of these free-form pools have the perfect inground pool design for small backyards.

Swimming Pool Ideas for the Backyard

If you’re looking for ideas for your small backyard, the first thing you need to do is measure it. How long is your backyard? How wide is it? Is it rectangular-shaped, or does it resemble a triangle? Does your backyard have an irregular shape?

You can get great ideas for swimming pools anywhere. Maybe you were vacationing and got to use a great pool at an Air B&B. There might have been a great small swimming pool you used at a friend’s or neighbor’s house. You may have seen a pool on television, in a magazine, or online that you just loved. All those ideas can be an inspiration for your new pool. If a pool builder can’t accommodate your exact desire, he or she can come close. These days, pools reflect the personalities of their owners and what they want.

Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

If you have a small backyard, you are in luck. You have already reduced your budget! Small pools cost less money than large pools. There are some tips that you might need to think about if you are building a pool on a budget. First, because you have a small backyard, your shape needs to flow with its shape. If you think a circular pool would be best, try that idea out on your pool builder. Small yards often work well with kidney-shaped pools. You might also want to try several free-form pool ideas out before you meet with your pool builder. That way, you can figure out what you want.

You might also want to be able to add a small water feature. Small water features are interesting in small backyards and can make a small pool seem bigger. You may also want to bite the bullet and make your entire backyard your pool oasis. You could do some of that work yourself, such as laying stones that frame the area. You might also want to think about landscaping, which would make your backyard a lovely oasis year-round.

If you are would like to build a basic backyard pool for a small yard, don’t worry. We can help you figure out how to turn your backyard into a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Contact Atlantic Pool & Spa Our store location is in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey however we can build an amazing basic backyard pool for a small yard throughout Essex County, Warren County, Sussex County, Bergen County, and Morris County.