Preparation & Scheduling is Key

Fiberglass pools are increasingly popular among homeowners. The pools are very easy to clean and maintain, have an attractive appearance, and easily coordinate with another outdoor décor. If you have been considering a fiberglass swimming pool for your yard, it is important to get the pool installed at the right time of the year. There are certain times of the year that are better than others are for pool installation. Being aware of this and creating the right installation schedule could save you time and money.

Cheapest Time to Buy a Fiberglass Pool

Since pool installations tend to slow down when the weather is colder, you are more likely to get a discount in the winter. However, there are some risks associated with having a fiberglass pool installed during winter. It is more likely that the weather will stop the construction process during the colder months of the year. It may also be harder to find a pool installation company in the winter. Some businesses take time off during this time of year. That is why Atlantic Pool and Spa is your most reliable source for pool installation in the Lake Hopatcong, NJ area.

There are also some advantages to having your pool built in the early spring. Since you are not waiting until summer when it can be hard to get a pool installation appointment. If you complete the pool construction process in the spring, there is a good chance you can enjoy the pool immediately. Since the weather is not overwhelming warm during this time, you can take a swim or two and relax poolside without getting too hot. Just be aware that you should start the process as early in the spring season as possible.

Other homeowners are likely thinking about having a pool installed as well. This can make it challenging to get an appointment on the day and time you want. It is best to start your thought and planning process during the winter so you are all set to start the installation in the early part of the spring.

How Long Does It Take To Install a Fiberglass Pool?

Several factors determine how long the fiberglass pool installation process will take. You will need to apply for a permit, and the permit has to be approved before building can begin. After permit, approval comes excavation, then the right spot is selected for the pool and digging in the shape of the pool space begins.

The pool space then needs to be set, and the plumbing, water filling and backfilling processes take place. The pool construction team will also create the right electrical connections for the pool and the concrete around the pool is formed. The concrete is then poured and concrete form removal and patching are performed if necessary.

Now that the fiberglass pool is in place, electrical components have been put in place, and concrete is laid, the pool needs to be cleaned. Your yard will also be graded and the pool will be cleaned a final time. At this time, cover installation is installed.

The permit takes 1-10 weeks to be approved, depending on the county you live in. It takes about three days to dig the pool space, as well as set, backfill and form the pool. Concrete pour and form removal takes an additional three days in most cases. Cleaning the pool, grading the yard, and installing the pool covering can take up to four days.

Remember that the weather can also determine the length of the pool installation process. If it rains during the time your pool is being built, it could delay building by a week or more. This is especially true if your yard is not level or does not drain efficiently. In the NJ area, it tends to be rainy mid-May thru June. This is another reason to have your pool installed in early spring.

Rely on Atlantic Pool and Spa

Contact Atlantic Pool & Spa, located in Lake Hopatcong, NJ for all your pool installation needs. Our qualified team can answer your questions and give you insight into how certain design features will look in your yard. We have several fiberglass pool models to choose from as well, so you are sure to find a pool size and shape that works best for you and your property.