Looking for a Swimming Pool Builder in Morris County NJ

When you are looking for expert pool installation NJ contractors, Atlantic Pool and Spa is the place to go. We are the NJ pool builders you can rely on to build a pool and outdoor space. A custom pool is a great way to make your backyard more welcoming. You can use the pool to entertain guests and family members. The pool is also a great place to exercise or to relax tired muscles after a workout. If you are having, a pool built from the ground up, customizing the pool and the backyard space can add value to your home. The pool design can also help you express your creative side and make the pool are one of the most appealing parts of your property.

Pool Shapes

Most traditional pools have a rectangular or square shape. However, if you are not the conventional type when it comes to d├ęcor, you can select pools in a variety of shapes. Circular pools are especially elegant. The hot-tub style of the pool also makes it easy to take a relaxing soak with friends and family. Pools that are large with rounded edges or circular corners are also great for creating a small water lounge. You can add recessed seating in the pool so that you and your loved ones can relax in between swimming without getting out of the pool. You can also get especially creative and have a pool in the shape of a heart or guitar to express the interests of your family. These features will likely attract houseguests as well and could make your home the preferred spot for get-togethers.

Pool Borders

The borders around the pool make a big difference in the overall look of the pool space. Stone and fiberglass are common materials to use around the pool. Stone colors in beige, brown, or gray tones make the pool look like it is in a natural environment. You can even work with your contractor to create small structures or fountains around the pool to make the area look like a resort. Stone can also be used to build a waterfall in the pool space.

Fiberglass is a durable material to use as a pool border. This material is ideal for the pool because it stays cool even in hot weather and is resistant to water. You can choose clear fiberglass for the pool area, or a variety of colors to give the pool border a customized look.

After you have chosen the border you want, work with your contractor to add more features like rock gardens or spaces for plants. This gives the pool a tranquil look that will make you feel especially relaxed. If you want to entertain in your backyard around the pool space, you can also customize the pool with seating and tables. Your contractor will give you more information about the right measurements and sizes for seating materials so you can spend all the time you want outdoors.

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