Frustrated with Pool Problems?

If you own a pool, you already know it’s not maintenance-free. In some cases, you may find yourself stumped because you cannot figure out why your pool isn’t perfect. Are you confused as to why your pool is not picture-perfect? Here are three problems and how to solve them.

Help! I Have Algae!

Algae are one of the most common inground pool problems. They are also one of the easiest to spot. You will know if you have an algae problem because the water is usually a murky green. There are several solutions to algae issues. Algae can come in three colors: mustard yellow, black, and green. In each case, poor circulation in the pool and sanitation are often the issues.

To get rid of the algae, you will need to shock the pool and use an algaecide. You also need to check your filter to make sure it’s working properly. Depending on the type of algae you have, you will also need to brush your pool.

There Are Animals in My Pool!

Thank goodness we don’t get alligators in our pools in New Jersey as people in Florida do! However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with animals in our pools. If you have algae problems, and your pool filter is not working properly, you may get animals. First, make sure you have thoroughly shocked your pool, and you are using an algaecide. This will take care of insects and frogs. You also need to make sure your filters are working correctly. This will also help keep bugs and critters at bay.

Ugh, My Pool Is Cloudy!

Another problem often found in pool maintenance is a cloudy pool. People want their pools to be clean and sparkling. That doesn’t magically happen. There are several reasons why your pool might be cloudy. Microorganisms can make your pool cloudy. Also, if your pool is partially in the sun, and partially in the shade, it might encourage algae growth. Make sure your algaecide is working well. To make sure your pool is clear, you may want to add a clarifier. Clarifiers take time to work. You may have to swim in cloudy water for a couple of days until it clears up. Swimming in cloudy water actually helps the clarifier work better.

Do you need your cloudy pool fixed ASAP? While flocculants will clear your pool right away, it will require more work on your part. Flocculants will take the sediments and move it to the bottom of your pool. This means you will need to vacuum it up. In addition, with clarifiers and flocculants, make sure you don’t use too much because they will make the water milky.

There are other reasons your pool water might be cloudy. Check your pump and filter. When either is going bad, it can make the water cloudy, even if your chemical combinations are right. Cloudy water may also mean you will need to run the pump continuously for 24 hours. That way, you can make sure the water is clear. If the water is cloudy, and you cannot get the pH level correct, you may have to shock the water again.

One more thing — make sure your filter is clean. This may sound gross, but, over time, you may need to degrease your filter. Humans are a greasy species, and that grease can cause problems for your filter. If you keep your filter clean, there is a lot less chance your water will cloud up.

Still Can’t Solve Your Pool Problems?

If you have pool problems you just can’t solve, contact Atlantic Pool & Spa in Lake Hopatcong, N.J. We take pride in servicing the counties of Warren, Sussex, Bergen, and Morris.