Vinyl Liner Inground Pools Have a Wide Array of Options

The right pool liner adds definition to the shape of your pool and helps make your pool safer to use. Vinyl pools are among the most common, since the material is durable and has great traction, particularly on the steps of the pool. Vinyl pool shapes and sizes are easy to find these days. However, it’s best to find a contractor that can install the liner safely and correctly. The following information about vinyl inground pools will help you select the pool that is right for you.

Inground Liner Pools

Even though vinyl is perhaps the most well-known material used for pool liners, there are other surfaces to choose from. You can select a beaded pool liner, which slips into a bead liner. This type of liner is on most standard pools. If your pool doesn’t have a bead track, a J-Hook beaded pool liner is another viable option. You may also want to consider an EZ Bead liner, which is two beads combined in one.

Overlap liners are also an option made from quality vinyl. The liner doesn’t have to be fit on a bead track and has a particularly smooth surface.

Inground Vinyl Pool Features

Vinyl is ideal for keeping your pool safe since you are less likely to slip and trip on the material. Vinyl is a more affordable choice than fiberglass or cement. A pool is a huge investment and regular maintenance is a must for a safe and functional pool. Vinyl pools don’t require many materials for stability, and they are still reliable and attractive.

If you have lots of trees or creative landscaping, your vinyl pool may need to be vacuumed often. However, pools made of vinyl are less of a hassle to maintain than pools made of other materials. Be sure to get a free chemical analysis from your contractor and have a salt water generator to the pool. The generator will deliver salt to a chlorine pool and helps to eliminate the need for adding chemicals to the water. The amount of chlorine in the pool is also regulated. So, you won’t feel a stinging or burning sensation on your skin once you get out of the pool.

When it comes to vinyl pools, you can select virtually any design you want. You don’t have to go with the standard rectangular shape. You can select vinyl pools in several colors. You also get textured vinyl for the steps and borders of the pool to prevent slipping and injuries. You can use vinyl whether you want a multi-tiered pool or want a waterfall added to the pool. You can get as creative as you want and create a design that is entirely original.

Vinyl pools also have a great warranty in most cases. If anything goes wrong with the pool, your warranty will likely cover it. Check to see that you’re getting a warranty from the manufacturer and the installer so you can avoid costly repairs.

Atlantic Pool and Spa Is Here to Help

Contact Atlantic Pool and Spa to learn more about vinyl liner inground pools. We have the tools and experience you need to make your pool safer and more attractive. We’re happy to show you pictures of our previous work. You can also choose from several other accessories to make your pool area more comfortable. It is best to start planning now so your pool is open and ready to enjoy as soon as the weather permits.

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