Essential Accessories For Complete Enjoyment

Adding a hot tub to a backyard poolscape can be a rewarding experience. It can help you relax, reduce stress and pain as well as bring a great deal of fun while entertaining guests. Depending on your budget and space whether you choose a small model or a large model with all the extras, adding the right accessories can help you get the most out of it.

Here we list 6 essential outdoor hot tub accessories that will not only enhance your hot tub experience but protect your investment as well.

A High Quality Cover

A good quality cover can help reduce energy costs and can provide the ultimate in protection for the hot tub and all of its elements. If you own a PDC spa their covers are of exceptional quality, fit tightly and are built to last longer than some other covers. Heat loss is kept to a minimum which reduces energy cost because the heater will work less.

If you are looking to purchase an outdoor hot tub, we recommend PDC spas. If you already have another brand there are many standard covers you can choose from. Just make sure you look for a high-quality cover that will fit your tub tightly. You may have to purchase one which will be more expensive but the savings will be greater in the end. Heat loss will be less which will result in lower monthly energy costs.

Water Care

The quality of the water must always be maintained in order for you to enjoy all of the experiences your hot tub will bring. Water quality affects every aspect of the hot tub. Water that is less than optimal will be unhealthy and can cause failure to the motor and heating unit.

To maintain the quality of your water it must be tested regularly. You can purchase a water test kit that includes testing strips. These strips will show you which chemicals are too low or too high. The chlorine and PH level must always be maintained. There are advanced water care systems that reduce spa maintenance and the need for chlorine. Saltwater systems are great. They clean and purify the water with low maintenance.

Remote Monitor

If you are away from home all day or going on vacation remote monitoring is a great way to keep your outdoor hot tub working at its best. You can monitor and adjust the settings from miles away. You can set the temperature so it is perfect for you to step in and relax after a long day at work or the long plane trip home.


High-quality steps that are sturdy, and water and slip resistant is a must. Find steps with treads or grippers which help to make the tub safer to get in and out of. Keep the steps clear of any items and shovel accumulated ice and snow off regularly.


Handrails are essential for those who may have limited mobility and for children. Make sure they are installed securely to provide complete safety for those entering and leaving the hot tub.


Cleaning your hot tub is very important to protect your investment and extend its life. You can purchase the products specifically made for hot tubs that are on the market today or simply use white vinegar and a soft cloth. This can clean the scum buildup in your hot tub easily and safely. Be careful not to use abrasive cleaners and scouring pads as they can scratch the surface.

With the right accessories, you can increase the life of your outdoor hot tub as well as enjoy the many hours of relaxation and fun it can bring to you, your family and friends.

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