Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Are you thinking about getting an inground pool but don’t have much space in your yard? There are actually a number of design choices for you. Small inground pools for small yards aren’t that difficult to find these days. Find the right pool builder who will work with you to create a pool set up that matches your sense of style and will serve as a source of entertainment for your family members and house guests.

Here are a few small backyard pools and patio ideas you may want to consider for your outdoor area.

Outdoor Flooring

Adding outdoor-friendly flooring to the side or front of the pool area is a great way to make space look bigger. This also gives you room for seating or a small table, so you can enjoy a meal or socialize in between swimming. You can also add a pavilion or canopy over the seating to shield yourself and your guests from the sun on, particularly hot days.

Stone Structures

Even if the space behind your home is limited, there are some small backyard pool and patio ideas that won’t take up much room but will give the area a look of elegance that is pretty impressive. If you’re building a patio area or deck around or near the pool, a faux rock wall that separates the pool from the seating area works well.

You can also build a fire pit in the seating area or a fireplace. Build one that is remote-controlled, so you can customize the temperature depending on how warm or cool it is outside.

A small stone structure like a statue or fountain around the pool also makes the area look more sophisticated. This feature doesn’t have to be extremely large but it should coordinate with how large the pool is. You can also work with a pool builder to create a stone border around your pool. This is particularly attractive if the pool is round or has round edges. The marble provides an attractive contrast between the stone and the grass in the yard.


A beautiful small waterfall in the corner of the yard surrounded by shrubs and colorful flowers is always an amazing added feature. Not only does it bring a fantastic look to the pool, the sound of the trickling water will have a soothing and relaxing effect. Put a few lights within the waterfall structure and at night your entire small backyard will come together like no other. Your backyard will be the envy of your family, friends and certainly the neighbors.


The right lighting can make your pool look larger and makes it easier to see when you’re swimming at night. If you enjoy entertaining in the evenings, lighting can add visual appeal to the pool space and make the area more inviting. You can choose lighting that coordinates with the warmth of the pool furniture colors, which means that orange or red-tinged lighting could be a great decorative choice. Or, you could coordinate with the color of the water and choose a silver or blue-tinted lighting scheme to make the water more attractive.


Finally, arranging real or faux plants around the pool area is a practical way to make your yard look like a tropical oasis. You don’t need to crowd the area with plants. A few large plants like mini palm trees or pineapple plants can make the pool appealing. You will feel like you’re on vacation each time you go for a swim. You can also add plants like ferns around the pool to add a little shade when you’re swimming in the sunlight.

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