5 Fresh Ideas For Your Memorial Day Pool BBQ

What better way of celebrating Memorial Day than throwing a pool BBQ party. You can plan a simple gathering to a larger one in scale.  Whatever you decide it is always recommended to plan your perfect party starting with a theme, to pool toys, drinks, food, music and more. Party planning can be fun even before the party begins. Since it’s Memorial Day you can give your friends and family the independence vibe or choose a totally different party theme. Here we have listed 5 fresh ideas to make your pool backyard barbecue a great success.

Create The Theme

First, select the theme. Tell your guests to come dressed in the appropriate attire/colors of the theme you have chosen. This is always a fun idea and will engage your guests in fun conversation regarding their outfits. You can keep the traditional all American patriotic theme with the colors of red, white and blue, however, any party theme is welcomed.  It’s a long weekend and your guests are happy to be off an additional day from work. No matter what your theme, they will be happy to relax, party and enjoy.

Do you own a pool? Perfect! If you want to do something different than the traditional, how about a Hawaiin theme. This is perfect for pool owners. You can decorate the swimming pool and surrounding areas to make your guests feel like they are in Hawaii. It will be fun to see the bright and cool rich colors in a variety of decorations and outfits from grass skirts to tropical floral prints and more.

Pool Toys and Floats

Will there be children or adults that just do not want grow up? Consider adding fun and creative pool toys, floats and games for all to enjoy.  In today’s time, there are many theme styled, creative and fun pool floats for adults. Think about the trending giant pool floats. They are great for everyone. Beach balls, water guns, and floating coolers are just a few of the many pool supplies on the market today.  Games such as water basketball and ping-pong are always a great addition to any pool party.  If you are searching pool supplies near me, you can find the nearest pool supply store that can have an extensive assortment to complete your theme.  If you are in the northern NJ area stop by Atlantic Pool and Spa.

Hmmm… The Menu?

Whether you have an amazing complete outdoor kitchen a stand-alone grill or charcoal grill, do not worry. If your food planning and preparation was done well, the success of the party will be the same. The difference can be with the menu you have chosen to go with the theme. If you have chosen the patriotic Memorial Day theme we suggest the traditional, burgers, fries, and salads. Top it off with a traditional American pie and Reese’s smores bars. Do not forget to add the red, white and blue in the form of cake decoration utilizing blueberries, strawberries and more.  If you chose another theme such as a Hawaiian theme we suggest beef, short ribs, and chicken with a marinade or sauce. Add some rice and salad and top off with pineapple cake and beach and pool themed cookies.

Cocktails & Drinks Anyone?

When serving any type of drinks the first thing to consider will be the type of guests who will be attending. If there will be children make sure you provide sodas and juices. Do your guests like cocktails, mixed drinks beer and or wine? All of these considerations will come into play during your preparation time. If men are coming just make sure you have the beer, especially for an all American Memorial Day Pool BBQ. Beer is a perfect choice. If you have chosen to do a Hawaiian theme, cocktails are a perfect fit. There are a wide variety of tropical fruity cocktails that you can serve such as mai tai’s and mojitos. Rum is a staple when it comes to Hawaiian tropical drinks. Add a wedge of pineapple, a fresh orchid, or a small paper umbrella to each cocktail and you will be set.  Last but not least make sure you have a large cooler filled with water bottles for everyone.

Fire-pit Here We Come!

After a long fun-filled day of partying, there is no better way than to all sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink and enjoy the warm ambiance of a fire-pit or fireplace. Do you have a pool waterfall? Wow, between the sound of the crackling fire and the trickling of the water this will be amazing. Unwind, toast marshmallows, share amazing stories and tell a few jokes. This Memorial Day Pool BBQ party will be one your friends and family will surely never forget.


If you have any questions regarding your backyard and perhaps purchasing a new pool, a total remodel make-over, adding water or fire features, pool supplies such as pool toys, floats, and more feel free to contact Atlantic Pools and Spas. We will be happy to assist you.