Learn About Pool Safety Covers Before Choosing

Once you have a pool installed in your yard, it’s important to find the right pool cover. The cover helps to keep debris out of the pool. A pool cover also helps to ensure that the water stays cool during the warmer months of the year. If you want to swim in the fall and winter, use a pool cover so the pool will stay warm. Here are 4 descriptions of different pool cover types to help you decide which one is right for you.

Solid Pool Covers

Solid pool covers are ideal if you need to protect your pool from fallen leaves or pollen. The cover does not have openings or mesh, so debris will collect on the outside of the pool. The solid cover also prevents sunlight from entering the pool. This means that the Sun won’t overheat the pool. You’ll be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing swim during the spring and summer by using a solid pool cover. A solid pool cover also keeps algae and other organisms from growing in the water.

Loop Loc Pool Cover

A Loop Loc pool cover offers maximum protection. The covers are above and beyond ASTM standards. Made from an extremely durable material, you can secure these covers to your deck with brass anchors or springs. A Loop Loc cover is best if you have pets or children. The cover puts a lock on the pool so that your little ones or furry family members can’t access the pool. This helps to keep the family safe while protecting your pool water.

Safety Mesh Pool Covers

Safety mesh pool covers keep children and animals from getting into the pool unsupervised. However, these covers do let water and small debris through. Mesh covers also keep leaves from getting in the pool water. This type of cover will also prevent heavy precipitation from getting into the pool. Since there are small openings in this type of cover, sunlight does come through. This could be ideal if you live in a colder area or want to use the pool during the winter.

Automatic Pool Safety Covers

If you want to cover and uncover your pool with the flip of a switch, an automatic cover is a great option. This cover blocks debris, sunlight, and harmful particles. In addition, the cover is not visible to swimmers while the pool is in use. These covers usually support the weight of a child, adult or pet. This means your loved ones will be kept safe even if they stand on the cover. An automatic pool cover also keeps the water warm, which can save on energy bills.

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